Our Commitment

Style-Kraft Sportswear inspired generations of our employees with a simple aspiration to “do more than manufacture clothes.” This promise continues to guide our commitment to the communities where we live and work, driving our constant efforts to improve our social and environmental performance.

We are proud to say our Style-Kraft Sportswear Manufacturing and distributing facilities are Socially and Ethically compliant to highest standards. Ten years after our implementation of our in-house compliance, we continue to update our customers, stakeholders and employees to ensure a deeper understanding of the wide range of initiatives – some of which are described below – aimed at enduring change around the world.




Human Rights


More greenhouse gases (GHG) lead to climate change, with melting ice caps and glaciers causing rising sea levels and altering precipitation.

To help mitigate climate change, Style-Kraft Sportswear Approved Production facilities are reducing its GHG emissions and environmental footprint, through energy efficiency, conservation measures and waste reduction.