We provide innovation to our Retail partners. Being always a step ahead with trends and forward thinking

Stylekraft is a complete and vertical operation; designing, merchandising, developing, sourcing, producing and distributing branded, licensed, generic and private label apparel to all tiers of distribution.

Stylekraft’s humble beginnings started in 1970’s as a factory producing outerwear with 22 workers in Richmond Street, Toronto, Canada now called the fashion district of Canada. Stylekraft has evolved into a full service apparel company specializing substantially in all categories and classifications of apparel including outerwear, knits, bottoms, tees and home product lines. In addition we are building, enhancing and supporting the best in class global and national brands.

As our organization has evolved so much during the past 44 years, so has our philosophy of doing business. In 2012 we merged with one of the Asia’s leading Denim Manufacturer Orit Apparels Sri Lanka to expand our global presence and product innovation. Orit Apparels Sri Lanka is a subsidiary of Vallibel One Plc. Publicly Traded company in Sri Lanka Stock Exchange.

We have removed ourselves from the antiquated approach of other apparel manufacturers and doing things directly has been our focus. We are building a company ethos that breeds innovation, collaboration, integrity and excellence in customer service.